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Candles |  Cleansing Grains / Face Wash | Sweet Water / Face Mist | Miracle Cream Face Moisturizer | Face & Body Herbal Wash

Soy Wax & Hemp Candles, hand poured with 100% essential oils.
(vegetable wax burns cooler and longer than petroleum based parafin wax)

These beautiful candles come in a tin that travels well.
Choose from 3 therapeutic scents:

Calming: Warm and Sweet, this blend will help you rewind and relax, a great traveling companion.
Soothing: Sweet and Cooling, soothes your mind when you are feeling irritable or impatient.
Invigorating: Warm and Energizing, use when feeling slow and lethargic, will lift your spirits.

4 oz - 20 Hours $8
8 oz - 30 Hours $15

Cleansing Grains / Face Wash

These beautiful herbs & flowers act as a gentle scrub to clear away dirt, toxins, pollutants and dead cells, but do not strip away the necessary moisture in the skin or alter its ph balance.  Use daily or as a mask.

Contains: Mineral Clays, Ayurvedic Organic Herbs, Apricot Kernel Meal, Sandalwood & Rose Powder, Aloe Powder.

4 oz - $20

Miracle Cream Face Moisturizer

Skin eats and we want to nourish it with what is pure,  natural, balancing & healing.  This is food for your skin!

Containing Apricot Kernel & Grape Seed Oil (light oils that soften & protect) Rosehip Seed Oil (extremely high in essential fatty acids, a unique oil for treating scars, wrinkles & premature aging), Aloe Gel ( for its healing & emollient qualities), Vitamin E (acting as an antioxidant & preservative)  With Rosewood (one of the best oils for dry skin with a mild relaxing aroma) and calming Lavender!

It will leave you glowing all day!

30 ml $25   50 ml $30

Sweet Water Face Mist

Hydrosols, also known as flower waters, are produced from steam distilling plant materials.  Distilling causes the glands of the plants to burst and release their oils and essence.

Flower waters contain the essence of the whole plant in every drop!
This Lavender/Rose flower water is relaxing, mentally refreshing & soothing and has antiseptic properties.

Mist your face, body or surroundings!  Great on air planes.

4 oz - $15

Face & Body Herbal Wash

Let this gentle, aromatic herbal wash cleanse your skin with the synergy of natural ingredients (calendula, honey & rose) known for their moisturizing & healing properties.  Leaves your skin silky smooth.

With a blend of essential oils, including chamomile & sandalwood.

4 oz $12

Candles |  Cleansing Grains / Face Wash | Sweet Water / Face Mist | Miracle Cream Face Moisturizer | Face & Body Herbal Wash

Bath Tea

Bathe in a giant cup of fragrant tea and soak up the healing properties of Lavender & Rose!
Steep these large tea bags filled with organic herbs & oils in your tub.  Heavenly!

5 oz $5 each or 3 for $12

Body Butter

Delicious, luxurious whipped butter containing:

Kokum Butter: from the Garcinia Tree helping regenerate skin cells, support elasticity and flexibility of the skin wall.
Shea Butter; from the Karite Tree that form a breathable, water resistant film.

Mango Butter: rich in fatty acids.  Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, with the sweet smell of Red Mandarin and Vanilla. 

4 oz $30


The ever popular, all purpose skin rub!

Excellent for superficial burns, diaper rash, hard working hands, sensitive skin, etc. Sun infused Organic Comfrey, St. Johns Wort, Calendula Flowers in a base of organic olive oil and pure unrefined, unbleached Bee’s Wax secreted by worker bees.  With Lavender & Sweet Orange Essential Oil

2 oz $15


100% vegetable glycerine soaps made with real essential oils & organic herbs.  They are hand poured, hand cut and beautifully wrapped.

Choose between 4 Therapeutic Scents:

Lemongrass, Sweetorange Patchouli, Rosegeranium, Ginger/Mint

$8 each or all 4 for $30

Aroma Oils

Enjoy these rejuvenating scents and feel the wonders of nature at work within you!  Massage into skin or put a few drops in your bath. 

In a base of Jojoba Oil, it holds the scents better than any other oil and it won’t spoil.

Stress Remedy:   Enjoy a greater peace of mind!
A soothing blend for when you are feeling anxious or worried.

Total Bliss:    Wake up to the joy of life again!
For those times when you are feeling low or sad, this mildly stimulating blend will help.

.5 oz $16

Candles |  Cleansing Grains / Face Wash | Sweet Water / Face Mist | Miracle Cream Face Moisturizer | Face & Body Herbal Wash

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